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Headphone cable to wireless idea

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HI guys,

I'm trying to figure out what parts use for my idea.

After my headphone cable getting caught on my chair all the time and yanking my head. What I want to do is build a Radio Transmitter, and a Reciever that will allow me to listen to music from my computer to my headphones. This is basically just making it so the cable for the headphones doesn't have to be attched to the computer. So the Transmitter would hook into the headphone jack of the computer and transmit the audio to the reciever that is hooked up to the headphones.

It has to be able to transmit and recieve stereo quality music. Music that you hear on the radio would be a good quality guidline. It also has to be small and powered by battery. It only has to be able to transmit a few feet maybe a max of 10 feet would be good. It also has to hook up to the regular headphone jack found on any set of headphones and computer with no modifications.

Now There is a TEA5767 chip put out by NXP which looks like it would work, but you have to buy in quanties of like 2k or so...

Another thing is sparkfun makes uses the NS73M chip for a FM Radio
SparkFun Electronics - FM Radio Module Breakout Board - NS73M

And they also have a Reciever using the impossible chip to get TEA5767
SparkFun Electronics - FM Receiver Module

The problem with these is A. They're already prepackaged and I'd like to build them myself. B. They're using FCC non certified parts and I want FCC compliant parts.

Anyone have any idea's about other parts than these?

Not open for further replies.

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