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Have Junebug on order but??

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I downloaded mplab 8.20
then found some directions on using but turns out the directions are for a different version.
I am totally lost.
does Junebug come with directions on using?
can I practice on mplab?
downloaded the junebug simulator but ?? not sure what I am looking at.
all the leds light up etc using an example routine.
I pasted a C routine in the window. It showed different colors for instructions etc.
Is there a website with mplab directions without downloading 100+ pages?


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Junebug comes with the same manual you can download (the assembly manual)
MPLAB also has a massive manual but I tried to include terse instructions to give you a head start. The JPUG issues should help. You will need the 18F1320 datasheet and I really recommend PK2CMD.EXE so you can get Swordfish to directly connect to the Junebug.

I would recommend sticking with the 18F series for now as they are slightly easier to program than the 16F IMO
Color coding is set by MPLAB and can be changed. So can the font.


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got a build sucessfuly

then went to WATCH WINDOWS
now I am confussed for sure.
What did I get my self into??
using the help files etc but not sure of what I am doing.
took several tries to get a sucessful build.
foun a website that says don't use the project wizzard but the help files say to use it.
ran the debugger simulator (junebug not here yet) but ??????????
there must be an easy way to start out or just keep plugging??
is there any tips on using the mplab, shortcuts etc.
people say programming a pic is easy but forgot to mention the mplab thing is ???????
any help or guidence would be helpful.


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You can either use or not use the project wizzard to create a project. The project wizzard is helpful in that it guides you through the steps.

We can help you but you have to ask specific questions. Slow down and you will be fine.

The entire process from front to end consists of many simple tasks. Get each simple thing right and it works. But if you look at it all at once it can be confusing.



MPLAB is very similar to AVRSTudio, it's a bit intimidating at first but you'll get the hang of it pretty fast. Try MPLAB tutorial - Google Search
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