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Hardwired Equivalent of the ESP8266?


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The ESP8266 has made WiFi connected internet cheap and easy. Is there a similar solution where it's desirable to use a hardwired connection? I'm thinking similar applications to where you'd use an ESP8266 module. A wired node where you would turn on one or a few lights, read temperature and humidity, and communicate back to a PC, a RPi, etc.


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Is there a similar solution where it's desirable to use a hardwired connection?
So you want a 10 base-T "thing". Years ago before wireless was low cost, there were boards like that.

An internet search shows some industrial versions that cost too much.

If you can do Python or C think about getting a Raspberry Pi 0. $5.00


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Hmmm. I like the Pi 0 idea. This gets the cost point to a place that makes sense for a temperature sensor and similar devices.

It's kind of amazing to me with modules like this and even simpler things that the cost for a module is far, far cheaper than I can even buy the components. Building a circuit board around a module or even a collection used to seem kind of a half-assed way of doing things but the economic reality makes sense to build around pieces that are proven and rolling off production lines by the (many) thousands.

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