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HardSID PCI Board

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Ian Johns

New Member
Hi :)

Just wondered if anyone has any advice on the feasibility/likelihood of being able to get this card repaired. It's a pretty rare PCI Card that lets you use good old Commodore 64 SID (Sound Chips) in a modern(ish) PC.

I've had it quite a long time and several months ago I was messing about trying to some chips in it late at night, when I idiotically placed a SID chip into it the wrong way round (which the manual specifically warns against, as it can damage the chip and the card doh!) and hey presto, it no longer works properly. I only get one voice coming from any good chip that is inserted (there should be 3 voices).

Will someone somewhere be able to diagnose the issue, or is it time for the bin :(


IMG_3823 (1).JPG IMG_3822 (1).JPG
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