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Green energy inverters and inverter generators.


Long story short, getting ready to build a small place and will be running some offgrid power there. I will be using 2, 5kw inverters, a 10kwh battery bank, some PV panels to offset most of the loads, and 1-2 inverter generators to supplement and run under high demands.

It took a bit to design things because generator fuel efficiency is tied directly to load. When it runs, I want high load, then shut down. I think I have all those issues resolved and will have to run an AC/DC charger from the generator to the batteries, and let the power inverters pull what they need. This will allow the generator(s) and batteries to work together to satisfy the load.

However, one inverter company provides an inverter that can connect a generator direct to the load AND limit how much power it takes from the generator. I have asked and asked but these people are "quiet as a church mouse" on details.

I believe what they are doing is modulating the frequency from the inverter section relative to the incoming generator frequency. This small change in frequency will make a certain power source more or less a priority. I want to see if you guys agree with this? I know when doing a parallel of two non-inverter generators, you can tune or balance them by changing frequency of one. In short, one of them pulls the other along, which changes the power balance between them. I would think they have to be doing this digitally. ???

Regarding inverter generators, in the USA, we have split phase 120/240V power. That is not really a huge issue as things can be wired to avoid that as there is usually only one device in an entire home that needs split phase....the dryer. I can use any transformer wired 120x240V on the primary, and get both 240V and split phase, but one leg would only have half the KVA rating.

I am just wondering if there is any thoughts on making split phase with 2 inverter generators? I don't think it can be done, but thought I might ask. If I connect the neutrals of each generator, I don't think they could really "synch" out of phase so the relationship would be all over. The way they work in sync is when one starts up, if it detects AC on the line, it will sync to it. If no AC, it will make its own. Connecting them with both running is asking for trouble.

If I have to use two generators to charge the battery bank, I would not even need to sync at all because they both have to go through a DC charger and just feed batteries.

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