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Grad Student Looking for Help with Thesis Project


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I'm somewhat offended by your survey.


Why, you might ask? Click on "None of the above" and you get the door slammed in your face. The next screen you see is this one.


Yes, I am not a parent. I'm gay. That doesn't mean I don't have friends and relatives with kids whose education I'm not interested or even involved in. It doesn't mean I have nothing to add. I'll add that my partner and I vote for every school levy and bond issue that comes up. For the simple reason we don't want dumb kids.

Research Methods for Social Sciences might be a good addition to your curriculum in order to create a non-biased survey and get meaningful results.


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Visitor: While I accept your viewpoint, I don't necessarily agree with it. If he is just soliciting feedback from parents, teachers or students at the school then his survey is perfectly acceptable. By your admission (and if you are not a teacher), then you don't fit into these categories. That does not mean to say that your opinion is not important. It just means that your opinion does not fit into the metric the survey is asking for. There is nothing offensive about asking such a question. Your opinion is valid elsewhere, just not in this survey.

I agree with you: any civilised society has to put resources into making teaching excellent. This is the only way for society to grow and create, amongst other things, tolerance


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I'm a grad student in electrical and computer engineering.
With a survey that excludes many electrical and computer engineers??

I'm an electrical and computer engineer, but I'd be excluded from that as well as I work and am not a parent of a student.
It does seem to have contradictory requirements - and why post on an electronics forum if the survey eligibility is unrelated to electronics etc??

Very odd.


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The survey results could be sorted by

□ parent
□ teacher
□ neither

It's an extra step, but I would expect the results should be sorted by parent or teacher already, as these two groups may have vastly different viewpoints.

To arbitrary exclude a large group of people from answering is a poorly designed survey, and may miss valuable information.

This reminds me of many political surveys I have seen, with questions like:

1. Which do you agree with most:
□ Our guy is good.
□ Their guy is bad.

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