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GPS Interferance

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Hi All,

Hoping someone on here can give us some advice. We have installed a car multimedia interface to a Lexus which uses GVIF (Gigabit Video Interface) and the interface connects inline to the OEM GVIF cable at the vehicles screen. Now without the interface being connected to the vehicle in any way, ie, now power, ground or anything else but connecting the interface inline with the GVIF, the factory GPS signal almost goes to nothing.

We have a work around that makes this a little better, which is to wrap our GVIF cables used to connect inline, around a ferrite rod. So this give us about 60-70 percent signal strength. Which is ok, but not quite good enough.

Has anyone got any ideas or suggestions to try that would help suppress the noise that the interfaces cable is obviously emitting.

Thanks in advance



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Ferrite cores that fit around the cable are a common suppression method.

You can get them from many places, including ebay; examples:

Or if the cable is long enough, two or three turns threaded through a larger ferrite ring core.

You could also try wrapping it with self-adhesive copper foil tape and adding a ground wire from that to the vehicle metalwork.
The foil is often sold for screening electronics and inside guitars etc.

eg. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/50mm-EMI...e-Self-Adhesive-Barrier-Guitar-F/123623389378
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