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Gould OS1000 B


New Member
Hi :)

I have a OS1000B oscilloscope with a strange fault ...

I was using it recently and suddenly there was smell of resistor burning up ?
I found the Ressy R632 (It was well cooked )

I cannot find a OS1000B schematic so I used a OS1000A !
Q.. are they the same inside ?

Q.. I have looked at the parts list for the OS1000A and it states R632 is 47K 0.5w ... is this the correct value ?
also found C613 stated in the parts list as 1UF 160v .. (E) it is not a Electrolytic ! what type of cap is it ?

Q.. any ideas .. why R632 burnt up ..I cannot find any short circuits ?

if I disconnect PCB pin 34 R632 does not burn .. poss CRT unwell ??

any ideas ?

Thankyou in advance for all your help :)

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