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Good 555 timer tutorial.

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It would be somewhat easier to make BEAM Bots and stuff like that with it, seeing as it has long leads on it :)
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Nothing, it's just some people think it looks cool.
Nope sorry, not off-hand. It looks like a metal can with an 8-pin DIN type pattern.

I will look around, but I am not sure if I will get anything.

Does anyone have a pic of the round 555 package?

I just did a google image search and could not find one.

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I bet they're worth a bit of money.

I've got some metal can µA741s but I've never seen a metal can NE555 before.
I have build a circuit (shown in the attachment) from one of the tutorials above and am now playing around with the timings by changing the values of R1 and R2. What I want ideally is a short on time (say 1 second or less) and a long off time (say 5 seconds or more). But at the moment I seem to only be able to increase or decrease them both - any ideas?


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If you just want to power an LED then connect it from pin 3 to +V instead of 0V.
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