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GLCD Font Creator READ ALL

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I found a small but very handy bug in GLCD Font Creator 1.0.1

The demo allow i think 15 characters export max!

But the bug i found is that you can have it give you the first 15 then just raise the FROM CHAR number on the top box and it will give you the next 15.

You can do this to get the whole font for your project. I dont condone stealing or piracy in anyway. Just thought id spread the bugs news and maybe someone can contact them and report this to them. im not going to just because im a lazy guy.

Pocket MicroTechnics

Please dont be mad at me for posting this info. I didnt hack or crack anything. I just found out this interesting thing and wanted to share it.

Knowledge is nothing if you cant share it ... am i right?


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I've just had a bit of a play with that program. I think it's quite good at creating code for fonts you make yourself, but the import font functions don't seem to work very well.

For example, I wanted to import a font but restrict it to the following parameters:

1: 8x8 grid
2: white space on the far right column
3: white space on the bottom row

But, there doesn't seem to be an easy way of setting restrictions like those. It allows you to change the imported font size but it doesn't allow you to set a specific grid size. Through experiment I managed to find that size 6 for Arial gives an 8x8 grid size, but then I couldn't get it to do my white space properly.

Still, it'll certainly be useful for creating my own fonts :)

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