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Gio Touch Lamp Replacement Circuit Help needed!

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Hello all

Hope someone can please help me, a while ago I bought a Gio Touch Lamp and I later discovered that the touch circuit was broken, I tried to take a look at the circuit but its covered in a black resin to stop you getting to the circuit. The light was a 3 stage system (1 touch dim, another touch med and another touch bright) and off is the last touch.

Anyway I have been attempting to fix this lamp and went and ordered a replacement circuit (see attached picture) which is slightly different from the last circuit as this one you just touch the metal lamp and keep your finger held down and within 5 seconds your light will go from dim to bright and back again and if you tap it fast it turns off and tap fast again turns on, it also has a memory so it remembers its last light level which is a nice extra.

So the new circuit was a little different but still would work fine so I installed it as per the instructions which one set of connections for power and the other for the load (i.e. both bulbs). It also has a PCB Terminal which you can touch that connects to the base of the lamp.

I take 5 mins to make all the connections and connect the sensor pcb terminal to the wire that connects to the neck of the lamp (inside base) that will act as the touch switch and all I get is the lamp doing its bright to dim cycle and it doesn't stop , the only way to stop it is to disconnect the wire to the PCB terminal that I attached.

I would really love to be able to repair this unit and if anyone can please suggest anything I would be very grateful.

BTW: Here is a link to the place I bought the module from http://custom1.farnell.com/cpc/prod...pc+catalogue&category_name=&product_id=260134

Also its made by a company called : Cebek Electronic Circuits (model R-14).

Thank you



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