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Generate the G-code

Ian Rogers

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here is doing a little research, I see that I will not use the 8051 and raspberry pi because it is too complicated

so what I would like to do is to control my CNC with an Arduino without the library GRBL that already exists .. it is to simply write in C language on arduino to control my CNC with atmel studio.

I would like not to rely on the GRBL library.
The arduino is ready made... Just buy the board, shield, power suppy.. C code is written and well tested.. I have been using it for years.
I hook it up to a PC and send the Gcode to the Arduino.... Very simple..


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well, I found a person who wrote a program (Arduino) who interprets the g-code and drives drives .. So, I'm happy but I'd like to turn this program into C language.

Is there a way?

Here is the code:

Thank you !



To begin with real microcontrollers are with optimized hardware for "C", not "C++" not "Python". Transitioning between languages (porting) can be very difficult. Raspberry Pi is not so close to the hardware as it is to operating system programming.

This chip is very easy to use: LM293D.
It can control 2 motors in both directions, it has "enable pin" and the programming is easy. Here is the project:

If you don't like it, pick a similar chip.

If you can not transition the programming, put a middle microcontroller -> Firtst MCU interface to -> Second middle MCU with interface to -> What you need.

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