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G'day from the west coast of Australia


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From my first post ever to this site you possibly drew the correct impression I'm a "petrol head" with a passion for tuning race engines.

By day I'm a qualified heavy duty diesel mechanic specializing in mobile mining and civil earthmoving equipment and for most of the last 15 odd years have traveled the; gold, iron ore, copper and other minerals open cut mine sites of West Oz, working mainly on Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hitachi and many other OEM brand mining machines.

By night, (after many years of "being in denial" of my true self) I've finally returned to the passion of my youth - engine tuning. For a while there I gave it away as a frivolous waste of time and money but the truth is I've got more methanol in my veins than blood and attempts to find more "useful" and worthwhile interests to pursue always has me thinking how to apply such to race cars and bikes.

So current projects are aimed at salt lake race engines with the plan for a near future assault at the salt lakes of Lake Gardiner South Australia and who knows where on from there - I'd somehow like to turn my passion into making a living.

My interest in electronics began with audio amplifier and robotics projects as a youngster but my limited knowledge is pretty rusty. Now of course engine management technology is electronic and although I play with this at a simple level in my day job, my applications engineering knowledge is far lagging behind and out of date - a learning curve I'm now focusing on investing more resources in to improve my skill and knowledge in this area.

I think I've finally found a forum here where I can learn something and hope that in some ways I can make a positive contribution too. So hence I'll be visiting this forum a lot more to read everything I can find with the view to learn how to apply current technologies into my race projects.

Not to mention if I could build a robot to vacuum my floor, sweep out my workshop, give me a massage, make me dinner and keep the coffee coming that would interest me too! : - )

Pleased to make all of your acquaintance (raises glass in gesture of toast) - Victor.


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Hi Victor,

Welcome from the east coast. Sounds like you have some interesting projects on the go.



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Hi, Victor.

I've spent some time on the raceway's my neighbor had a funny car. We used to go often to see how he placed on the track.

Enjoy, ETO



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G'day Victor,
Welcome to the forum mate :D , good to another Ozzie join this forum ;) I'm over in SA in the Adelaide Hills so if your over this sing out and come over for a beer or 3. Where I'm not in racing or such it would good to chat about that radial engine I'm building for fun.

Cheers Bryan :p ( as he cracks open a pale ale....)


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G'day fellas, good to hear from you all...

Yes Mike the next couple of years are going to be pretty hectic preparing the racer for debut in March 2012. Right now it's all spaghetti junction getting the on-board electronics upgrades interfaced with the factory ECU and then I can move on with the engine development. (see attached pic of said headache).

And yes Bryan, although I'm not much of a drinker I would be up for a beer or 3 after a long hot dusty drive/camp in the desert over there at Lake G.
Actually I wanted to have a bit of a chat with you about your engine - I wanted to ask you some "stuff" about your planned engine design and I must say I'm impressed so far by your machining skills but maybe there's some aspects of the design I wondered if you'd thoroughly considered some of the issues you could be up against?



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