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Gate Driver Selection

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Hello everyone.
Can someone help me to select a gate driver that can drive a mosfet upto 40Amp and 250Volts @20Khz frequency. ALso Some of the protection I need is
  1. Under voltage
  2. DESAT
  3. overcurrent
  4. open circuit
I can get 1,2,3 in some gate drivers but will i have to make external circuit for open circuit protection. Also, recommend some good ICs which you are already familiar with.
Thanking in advance.


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select a gate driver that can drive a mosfet upto 40Amp and 250Volts @20Khz frequency.
Here is some resources that may help;
https://www.digikey.com/products/en?keywords=gate driver
Gate drivers come in many different types.
Isolated / non-isolated
top side / normal / half bridge / full bridge
inverting / non -inverting
Go to digikey.com and type "FAN3121" into the search engine. Left side if page there is a "PDF" in red, click on it. Then get the data sheet and read it!
Going to DigiKey will show you there are companies that have tools to help you choose the right part.
  • Under voltage
  • overcurrent
  • open circuit
Are you talking about you power supply or just the gate driver?


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Power Supply Under Voltage:
Some "DC to DC" PWM IC have input under voltage shutdown.
Example: input voltage = 12 to 24 volts. output voltage = 5 volts. The IC might have a function where it will not function until the input voltage reaches 11.5 volts.

Power Supply Open Circuit:
I don't know what you are thinking about. Maybe the wire breaks and there is no load. Some power supplies are not stable at zero load. Many power supplies have a 1 watt resistor on the output to give the supply some load.

Power Supply Over Current:
Many supplies will limit the output current.
Example: 5V 1A supply will first try to keep the voltage at 5 volts. If the current gets above 1 amp it will reduce the output voltage to reduce the current.
Example 2: Many PWM power supplies have a current limit on the big transistor (MOSFET). It does not limit the output current at 1A but limits the transistor current to save the silicon.

Power Supply DeSat:
Back in the days of power transistors (not MOSFETs) there was a function that tested to see if the transistor was working good. There is a case where the transistor is told to be on but the current is too high and the transistor starts to open up. (very bad) The IC might see this happening and stop the supply.

Hope this helps. You can find examples of these on the internet.
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