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Gas discharge tube based mains transient protector......upstream of mains input fuse?

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We have designed a 40W non-isolated , offline, 230VAC LED lamp.

For transient protection, we have a 470V gas discharge tube (Bourns, 2051-47-SM-RP-LF) in series with a 270V “surge absorber” (Panasonic, ERZVF2M271).

ERZVF2M271 datasheet:

2051-47-SM-RP-LF datasheet:

This transient “block” sits across live and neutral, just downstream of the fuse. The fuse is the first thing after the mains input connector.

Our contractor tells us that because the Gas Discharge Tube will always fail open circuit, we should therefore move the fuse downstream of the Gas discharge tube based transient protector. –This way, when the gas discharge tube flashes over due to a transient, the fuse will not blow , and so the product will stay functional for longer.

Do you agree? Should we do this?
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