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Mark D

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I have recently bought a house with a garage door opener that works great but doesn’t have any remote controls for it. Sears said that because its so old, its against the law to service it or replace the remotes. Right now I open and close the door with the doorbell like button inside the side door. I am trying to think of a way to add a remote control. I was thinking about retrofitting maybe a RC toy to activate the pushbutton switch. I guess I am looking for a cheap toy that could be used. Any suggestions?
Maybe a TV IR remote?


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Use any

Hi... You can any buy any remote control on off switch and attach it to your garage switch. It is cheaper way to solve your problem :wink:


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Against the law??? That dumb! Here's 3 ideas.

I replaced a Sears opener several years ago and kept the remote control (no, I don't know why). Post the part number you are looking for - we might have a match. If so, it's yours. If not, maybe someone else here has a spare.

I saw a "universal" key chain remote for garage openers at Wal-mart some time back. It was made by Stanley (or Genie) and was sold as a "universal" spare. Might be a solution for you.

I think what Tshakeel is talking about is a battery operated transmitter packaged with an AC receiver. They go for about $20. I use one for the Christmas tree. It would be a solution but might need a little wiring up or a 110v relay added to adapt it to your door. Mine only has a range of about 25 feet but it would sure be cheaper than a new opener.
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