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Funny Images Thread!


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P1020561 (Wendys - Caption This 640x480).jpg

This is a local Wendy's restaurant exit sign points that the exit is over the very steep Hill. You can actually exit in front of, or in back of the median or perpendicular to
the sign. Nearly everywhere but where the sign points.

I need your help to caption this image.

e.g. I see that Wendy's pays their architects and builders the "burger flipping rate".


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Apparently there's a third option between burial and cremation.
As used for "destroying the evidence" in the film Fargo if memory serves correctly.

But the vehicle is puzzling me.
From the registration plate, it looks as though it is registered in the Netherlands.
But if you look closely it appears to be a right hand drive vehicle, ie made for driving on the left hand side of the road, as in the UK and Ireland.
So how did it get to the Netherlands?
Is it used as a hearse?
Or is it just a convenient cheap vehicle with lots of space in the back and being used by a landscape gardener?


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