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free research project!

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techno path

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Biochem/Electrostatics R&D
HVAC mechanical egineering
S/V Salvor111 [call/sign: MP00013521]
Greetings from sea.
I am designing a remote EV tricycle for the Alaskan out back.
Baseline. 12vdc medical lab, [coloidal silver generator] [ozone generator]
[oxy-hydrogen water generator] [desalination plant]
the medical lab is completed and 400 watt drives [8FUNG planitary drive] motors.
any questions are welcome, we are not interested in the mind games and the money motavated souls.we share info free of charge and seek same.
the final R&D we are seeking to complete project SAGE is the following.
alternator conversions, AC and DC info, voltage multiplier, welding with altternators and so. this research will commense herein if welcomed! this lab will start in aprox three days to post info and proceed to ask questions
Rev. Dr. Sage Million
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I'm underwhelmed. What do you want from us, and why do we care about the Alaskan outback?

techno path

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I am sorry for you that you are not able to do anything right the first time!
If it will work in the outback! it will work anywhere to help mankind.
As a fellow nam vet, the callsign Papa-Bravo was a call that you were SCREWED and in need of a medivac pull. perhaps that would work for you herein. With that said! we will not darken your doorstep again . May I advise you that there are drugs for your problem!


I've read all of Techo Path's posts and have quite a bit of endless rambling and cryptic phrases. I don't think he has been here long enough to see the urgent help-me-cause-i'm-too-lazy-to-study degree types. *shrug*... maybe there's not enough tin-foil in the hat.
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