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Free online textbooks and video lectures

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Robert DuHamel

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I am a semi-retired electronics instructor and I am in the process of putting my curriculum online for free. I think I have a unique and useful way of explaining electronics. People commenting on my YouTube channel seem to agree. Everything is free and is suitable for students who want to learn electronics from the ground up and for instructors who want to give their students an alternate point of view. You can find my text lessons at <spam link removed>. My YouTube channel is <link removed>

This is a work in progress but I have complete lessons in basic DC Circuits, AC Circuits and Solid State Devices. I am currently working on Analog Circuits. I hope people find these resources useful.

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Hi Robert. I watched the first video, and was struck by the use of "voltage" at a point without defining a reference with respect to the voltage is measured. You sort-of defined an ammeter as a device where a conductor is cut, and the ammeter is inserted to bridge the gap. Doesn't use of a Voltmeter merit the same type of explaination?
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