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FM transmitter

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G'day! I'm looking at setting up a short range (1 klm) FM transmitter. All the kits / plans etc have an electet m/phone attached. Can this be replaced with a jack for the PA amp?
Setup is for use at our club dragstrip, so competitors can hear track announcer from their cars



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1K short range ?

Hi , DonH54
Queensland caught my eye, seeing as I'm down in Vic. You can kill the mic, and feed a Line Out from the amp to the Tx mic input. Don't use a High Level Output. Place a 5 - 10 K pot from input to ground and adjust for correct deviation. ( when it sounds clean ). I'm interested in the diagram you intend to use. It sounds like an 88-108Mhz job. Could you post it here, or e-mail to : [email protected] Thanks.
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