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FM reciever and broadcasting

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hii all;
i would like to make diaphone(works in FM band) or may be we can call it radiostation and reciever.so i have some questions:

how can combine reciever and broadcasting circuit each other?
** we must have a switch to choose circuits.i mean when switch on,it must broadcast sth and when the switch off it must work as an radio ok?
im waiting for replies...
also my e mail [email protected]


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What you have described is a transceiver - the word sort of describes itself. Typically transceivers make use of circuits that would be duplicated in separate transmitter - receiver pairs. Amateur radio sites might be good places to look for ideas on transceiver construction.

Good luck.


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You can make the same circuit setup operate as a receiver,
then as a transmitter by causing it to oscillate when used
as a transmitter, and reducing the bias, or the Vcc to stop
it oscillating when using it as a receiver.

Such circuits used to be used a lot when thermionic devices
(valves) were very expensive, but such circuits did not make
very good transmitters, or receivers.

Nowadays better circuits are used with transistors dedicated
separately to transmitting, and circuits dedicated separately
to receiving are much better than those circuits which combine
transmitting and receiving.

John :)
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