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fixing Fujifilm X-M1 camera that does not power on

Discussion in 'Repairing Electronics' started by BABO, May 18, 2018 at 4:41 AM.

  1. BABO

    BABO New Member

    I have a Fujifilm X-M1 camera. It does not power on.

    I have another X-M1 which DOES power on nicely. In other words, I'm quite familiar with all the usual stuff about making sure the battery is charged, etc.

    I saw this video about a guy fixing a similar Fujifilm camera that was not powering on. (Not exactly an X-M1, but similar design.)

    See the link to the YouTube:

    At around the 11th minute in the video he shows the problem, but says nothing about how to fix it. Then shows the camera FIXED.

    Not sure why he bothers filming 10 minutes of disassembly (lots of internet stuff on that already) and then skips over the core of the problem.

    Anyway, CAN anyone offer any insights on how I would go about TESTING
    to see if fuse and/or coils are the problem that keeps the camera from powering on ???

    BTW, I have no idea what might have caused the problem. The only thing I can say for sure is that the power failure was NOT due to contact with water or mechanical stress (i.e., dropping the camera). The camera just "decided" not to switch on any more (as if it were too old). The camera has seen a lot of use taking pictures.

    Also BTW: I am an American citizen living in Kenya. Shipping back to US for a Fujifilm repair job is not an option. Because of shipping costs, it would be cheaper to buy a used model of the same that is good working condition.

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