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fisher-Paykel motor controller


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Well, I had a real shocker. Our 4 year old washing machine, made in NZ (or is it Australia?), bit the dust with a nasty burnt electronics smell. service guy comes, figures out its the motor controller. cost? 380 $US!!! hooo-leee-sh*t. I coughed up the cash as it was cheaper than buying a new one but I'm royally p----d. machine seems good as new with the replacement.

So, I kept the dead one and opened it up expecting to find something burned but nope. it looks clean. I know the fault is within because the new one made the washer work. my goal is to figure out the problem and fix it for a spare. It turns out it's more than just a motor controller - its the power supply, motor controller (lots of FETs), sensor interface and there appears to be a 40 pin microcontroller (house marked, of course). Oddly enough, its a single sided board with a mix of TH and SMDs.

anyway, before I go and figure out the schematic (at least parts of it), I was wondering if anyone has experience with this unit? Or maybe some one can point me in the right direction. Maybe some of you aussies or kiwis? It's from a Fisher-Paykel clothes washer GWL-11, I believe.


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Cost of a new unit: $380
Potential savings by repairing this unit: $380
Probability of successfully repairing this unit:50%
Risk Adjusted Savings1 : $170
Probability of ever needing this replacement: 50%
Risk Adjusted Savings2: $85

Price of replacement parts with shipping: $25

Cost of your "Free Time" that you are not spending with your family : 6h 100/hr

I suggest you leave the dead board in the trash bin.


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I think we have another spammer or scammer of some sort.

That post is a direct copy of one from 2006:

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