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findin out for an innovative project

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New Member
i m a student pursuin my electronics engg & currently in 3rd year.
i want to make a project in electronics i.e. very innovative. somethin new but i m :? in selectin the project to make so pls give me some suggestion & :idea: that what project i would make.
i m goin to make this project with my 5 colleagues so pls help me in selectin the project .

Miguel Gonzalez

New Member
Unless the superpower nations were testing their power distribution and how the public will react, I will suggest that you base it on power outages, or an smart controller for solar power or a project on separation of signals whose frequencies are fairly close to each other. Most projects on portabilities i.e: a power pack about the size of a pack of cigarrettes that may jump start your car battery. etc. shoot for the big and for what require the most of you...Good luck!!! :idea:
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