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Final Project

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plz could anyone help me, to find an idea for my projects, and its my graduation projects.
i study engineering informatics, and it should be controlled by pc or stand-alone.

plz help me
:cry: :cry:


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Hi there, just giving my 2 cents.

Have you ever thought of the following? But firstly, I'm only giving my suggestions, not that I know exactly how to develop from A to Z in each of the following :) So, just trying to help out here...

a.) Development of a Voice Recognition Actuator? - having a mechanism to response correctly to the intructions given? Sounds too easy for you, right? :)

b.) Electronic Ordering System in a Diner? - but this implements a PDA. design of a system that automates the ordering of food in a diner. Sounds too lousy to you? :)

c.) Development of an Automobile Diagnosing Expert System :) - something like a virtual mechanic, it allows the system to prompt the user with a number of questions, narrowing down the problem until a recommendation can be made. Implementing Visual Prolog? Are you familiar with it?

d.) Traffic Information System? - using XML, C++ or Visual Basic?

Well, sorry if you find me talking nonsense here, just trying to give my opinion. Thanks for reading.
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