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Everyone else has done it, now I want to, too: optoisolate

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John Sorensen

New Member
I want to build a circuit that has 120VAC inputs and 120VAC outputs, optically isolated. I am going to use 4N26 for the inputs and TLP3023 optotriacs for the outputs. What I need is either a circuit for the inputs and/or outputs, or advice about selecting a capacitor for the input (the rest I can figure out, if I have to, but I know that this has been done a million times and I'd rather just use a proven design). See, I want to use a capacitor to limit current through the opto on the input instead of a resistor, to keep heat down. I'd also like to minimize physical size. But very few capacitors are rated for WVAC. What kind of capacitor would I need for such a circuit? I'm thinking a value of 470nF to 1.5uF is about where I want to be. But like I said, I need as physically small a circuit as I can get as I will have probably 16 input and 16 output channels on the PCB.

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