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ESP8266 wifi module and arduino mega

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I was wondering does any one know how to use the ESP8266 wifi module with arduino mega. I found a lot articles with arduino uno but not the mega. I would appreciate any help.



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If it works on the uno it will work the same on the mega you just pick the pins you need it's not that hard to do the mega only has more pins And 4 serial ports and lot's of flash but any code you can run on the uno runs on the mega too.
And as far as it goes the esp8266 can run uno code too so you really don't need the mega or a uno you just install the needed libraries too use a esp with the arduino ide.

The really only thing the mega has is it has more serial port the uno has only one the mega has 4.
So if the uno code you want play with uses serial just make sure you use the right one.

And the mega has more
Flash Memory 256 KB of which 8 KB used by bootloader
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As Burt says above, if it works on an Uno it will work on a Mega, you just have to check the pin assignments etc.
You also have to configure the DIP switches, in order to communicate with each IC.
One difference on the Mega + ESP8266 version, versus the Uno + ESP8266, is the TX/RX switch.
This may be of help:
And this (translate from Russian):
** You will need to download the test firmware .zip file, which is just beneath the DIP switch table. **

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