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Ericsson T65 Problem on interfacing

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Hi, im trying to make an SMS control project and im using T65 , it has a datacable , i connected this cable with PC using hyperterminal , and sent AT commands ..etc and everything is ok , but when i take the 3pins TX,RX,GND from the cable and connect it to the microcontroller , i cant communicate to it and couldnt send AT commands and recieve the Response , i think that cable has MAX232 ...any idea ? also i tried to not use the datacable and use TX,RX,GND from the phone itself , i found its really hard to solder it :( ..

Gayan Soyza

Active Member
You need to match the logic levels on T65 & the micro controller + you need to match the protocol with the baud rate in the microcontroller.

What protocol that erricson uses?

Do a Google search on the hardware part how to connect the T65 to a micro.
I connected CTS to high (12V ) and it worked , but the mobile what i send it , it gives me it again , like i send AT , it gives me AT on the LCD not the OK
Hi again , i used a serial port sniffer and i found that the phone uses RTS and DTR , im not sure where to connect these pins to get the phone working with the uC ?
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