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energymeter defects

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With limited information I can only think of these causes -

1. Consuming more energy
2. Errors in metering.
3. Billing rate changes or errors.

Explain the situation in greater detail.


Often, we find that an electrician has bridged a customer's off-peak hot water system to the domestic tarriff. The domestic rate here (Australia) is 10.95c/kWh, whereas the off-peak rate is 4.80c/kWh.

Or maybe the hot water element has been connected to continuous off-peak, instead of controlled off-peak.

Both of the above would cause the hot water system to be heating all day, instead of only at night.

2. Errors in metering.
When meters fail, it would be extremely rare for them to read MORE consumption. Usually when they fail, they stop reading entirely.


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"Errors in metering" was meant as a very broad statement. I agree that modern meters are reliable. An error in metering could include misreading such as switching your meter reading with another one - not hard to do in large meter banks. Some tenant metering systems do not use "utility" type meters and these are prone to errors. Another common problem is supplying "energy" to users outside your control - sometimes by accident. In an apartment building an electrician could accidentally tie in to the wrong main panel. I know of one tenant who was paying for his neighbor's refrigerator. Figured it out when he was away for a month, turned all his stuff off and his bill/meter reading showed abnormal consumption. Lacking any specifics all I/we can do it toss things out there.


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electric meter


in my country the meterreader man sometimes makes a mistake in reading the meter correctly. the guy reads 6 instead of 5 or 9 instead of 8 or 7 instead of 1 - result higher electric bill. if he reads the high # to a low # good for you.

dont laugh guys, this is happening here. :oops:
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