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Electronics Self Teaching Guide

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Book Review:
All New Electronics Self Teaching Guide, 3rd Edition
Harry Kybett and Earl Boysen
ISBN: 0470289619
May 2008
426 pages

Category: General Electronics

Brief Description:

This book is the next step for the reader who has absorbed introductory electronics concepts and wants to gain an in depth understanding of discrete components and circuits. The authors start out each topic with an introduction to the method for calculating a parameter, a concept, a type of circuit, or an experiment. The readers are then asked to answer questions, and can check their answers against the answer key supplied by the authors. The chapters include:

DC Review
The Diode
Introduction to the Transistor
The Transistor Switch
AC Pre-Test and Review
AC in Electronics
Resonant Circuits
Transistor Amplifiers
The Transformer
Power Supply Circuits
Conclusion and Final Self-Test

My Review:

This book does a great job of stepping the reader through the calculations needed to determine the value of components needed to make a circuit work, or conversely, the value of circuit parameters, such as current, voltage, power, or frequency. I really like the method the authors use in introducing each topic and asking questions that cause the reader to think about the concepts or calculations. Then the readers can check their answers to verify their understanding of the concepts or equations.

The authors have also done an excellent job of weaving the circuit diagrams, equations and text together to make the book easy to read and understand. I find this book stands out above others in helping readers really master these calculations in a well-thought out and effective way.

My Rating: 9/10

Purchase Link:
Amazon.com: All New Electronics Self-Teaching Guide (Wiley Self Teaching Guides): Harry Kybett, Earl Boysen: Books
Electronics Tutor

Few years ago i was studying electronics in wesminster college in london.the teacher gave us a diskette of this programm :''Electronic tutor'' that run on dos i believe.its was a small programm on 1 mb Flopp disk but had all the basic principles of electronics.it had chematics of moving electrons on atoms an moving current and so on...it was escelltent.unfortunatley the floppy i had is damaged and i cant access the information.i am back to electronics again(should have finished the course) and trying to find this tutor.
can anyone help or advice on a smilar.it was from an american company thats all i remember and blue screen.
many thanks
electronics self taught guide

I am very new to the academic side of the electronics field. I agree 100% with the author of the Thread. Even at my level I could follow the chapters. This book will be a constant reference text.
communication systems

hi.. can anyone reccomend me a good book for communication systems...
is simon haykin good... i d like to learn a lot about communications and networks... wat are the good self study books..
I am a electronic student in high school. Have a project using open, shorted, and value change resistors. I would like to learn about them. How do they work.......?
I want to buy a good digital system & a control system book which will help me in my preparation for GATE 2010....Books should be available in indian market..Can anybody help me in this...
i din ask u bro...as u don kno den wats der to reply....i need a good book 4 gate...ppls r der 2 help me....move a side n take ur own way.....

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