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electro magnetic

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Your magnet has internal resistance and inductance but you asked about what it produces . . . a magnetic field and heat.


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It isn't really the resistance that increases, but the motor current will be less when it is not stalled. Any rotating motor also acts as a generator. This creates a back electromotive force (EMF) that counteracts the applied voltage, so the effective voltage across the motor impedance is reduced. An unloaded motor will draw the least amount of current. As you increase the mechanical load, the current will increase, reaching maximum at stall.


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thanks Ron
now I understand,a motor needs more current when its stall/start to take off and use less at running. :lol: :lol:


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EMF anomaly... since we are on this subject.

Allllrighty then, speaking of EMF Radaition, I just moved into a country house that has been abandoned for some time. I wanted to check the environment for toxins, ALL kinds, and my EMF radiation tester showed my TV and Monitor putting out about 3 times the radiation it should be.

WHAT IS UP WITH THAT??? Then I checked it a few days later and they checked normal, now the TV is radiating again.
Am I in the Big Thicket (Texas Piney Woods) Triangle??? <grinning, but puzzled>

Among the other toxins were Mega-MOLD, humidity and a few wasps. But they were natural and I can deal with them. And of course the power lines are about 20 feet off the ground just outside my front door.

Would the humidity/mold/heat/*.* cause this anomaly? How about the nearness to the Power Box?

Help ????

BTW, I got the name 'sliderule' because it was an accredited mandatory course when I was taking electronics in College. (yes, I am that old) The next year the first hand held calculator came out... $400

Wanna hear some sick irony?
When I went back to college to get my degree (not electronics this time), they would not accept it as an accredited course.

However, I did have more useful options. One being...

Country Western Dancing.

We are still debating over that.

Anyway, this looks like a great forum and I will be projecting with Electronics and IT out there as I have become handicapped. It's a back thing. I'll live, but ...




Richard M
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