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Electric scooters and other electric vehicles

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I have a 24v electric scooter and i was wondering if it would be okay to set it up with 3 12v batteries(or maybe a car battery?) would it make it faster without burning out the motor or my controller?(anything to enhance the performance on my scooter is welcome)


At low load it might even work okay for a little bit, first time you stall that motor it's gonna go up in flames though.


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And probably his!;)
35 years ago "George" came to class with stains on, and holes in, his shirt.
He had made a Go Kart with 4 car batteries and a starter motor but he accidentally put one of the batteries in backwards.
Since the shirt was still 95% "there" why not still wear it?

Good luck, George, wherever you are. . .:p
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