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Electric RLC circuit question



Could you please explain section (b) of the question?
I do not understand it.

I apologise for the bad quality of the image.

Thank you.


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The problem asks you to draw phasor diagrams of the specified voltages and currents using the indicated scales. Of course, you have to calculate each the voltages and currents first.



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"in" is an abbreviation for Inches. 12 inches = 1 foot. It is part an archaic system of measurement used commercially in the US and elsewhere. One inch = 2.54 centimeters . Why not use any scale that is convenient and easy to read?

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Can I make a few suggestions here,

I just didn't get what those scales are.
50V to 1 in
25A to 1 in

What does ^in^ mean?
If that was the problem, why did you not say that in your initial post?
Rather than the blanket statement:

Could you please explain section (b) of the question?
I do not understand it.
Which could mean that you do not know how to draw a phasor diagram.

Also, your profile shows you as being in the USA.
I guess that most people in the USA would know that "in" was an abbreviation of "inch".
As a moderator, I can see your IP address which put you in Europe.
Non-Brits would likely not know what "in" is.


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