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Electric Killer

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Hello, I just joined this forum. Actually I'm an Accounting student but have little interest in Electronics. I want to know how the Electric Mosquito Killer works.

Actually I got bedbugs. They have been in my house for 2 years. I tried pests but every time some of them left and they produce more and more. I want to draw some metallic strip at the bottom of the wall so that at night when we sleep and they try to come out of the walls the strip start killing them.

Please help me regarding this I hate bedbugs :mad:


It looks like there are some high voltage metal strips inside the device that is pictured.
You would have to devise some way to lure the bugs into the active zone.
Maybe some kind of lure or bait that they would be attracted to.
If you don't have an appropriate bait, they would not likely venture into the machine.

Also, it is unlikely that you could remove the metal strips from the machine, and still have a safe or effective bug removal method.


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Heat kills bed bugs. You need to have your room or rooms steam cleaned.


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There was just an artical in my local paper yesterday about how bed bugs are making a comeback in the US.

The artical said that any crack you can fit a credit card into is pretty much the taj mahl to a bed bug.

Also said that severl HOURS of 120+ degree heat is too much for them. I suppose steam would also be too much for them, but its hard to steam cracks and things like that.

It sounds like they are very hard to get rid of and you are best off hiring an exterminator.

They feast on the blood of mammals only, so they would have no interest in the light.


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the machine pictured is for mosquitoes which are atracted to the light but hit a few KV before reaching it and get burnt (to death)


Just to be picky but they don't just get burnt to death they're actually electrocuted. You don't need much energy to electrocute an insect, even a piezo igniter can electrocute some insects.


I doubt the walls in the only place they live, aside from complete fumigation of the entire house you'd likely have to get rid of any furniture that's infested. Once they take up residents in something like a mattress or furniture I'm not sure there's any practical way of getting rid of them, fumigation of furniture might be possible but I you'd never really get rid of all the chemicals. I read the Wikipedia entry and apparently they can't cross petroleum jelly, which might be a stopgap measure. There's a couple of other tips in there, you might want to read it.
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