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Ebay Tachometer on a Suzuki motorcycle

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Hello, I have a problem. Want to connect ebay tacho on my suzuki sv650 two cilinder. In manual said that i have to connect tacho wire on coil for spark, but nothing hapend. When i connect on pulse generator coil tacho work but reading are to high 4 x higher. Tacho setup is for two cilinder. When i change to 4 cilinder, reading decrease for half. Can i make some filter to setup signal from pulse coil? Tnx. Sorry for my English
What is the make and model of the tachometer. Usually tachometers are pretty straightforward. You shouldn''t have to filter anything. Where exactly did you connect the pulse wire?


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Are you sure the tachometer is set up for a 4-cycle engine?
Are you connecting the tach to the negative terminal of the coil?
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