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easyEDA tutorials for beginners?


Dear Engineers,
Please give links to good basic easyEDA tutorials?...i can lay out in Eagle no probs, but EasyEDA is well stumping me...i just spent 3 hours putting two components into the library.
Ive searched youtube and the web but cant find anything that good.


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Here's a pretty good tutorial video.

What components are you trying to add? Their library is pretty comprehensive.

It's pretty easy to add a symbol/footprint in Eagle or a few other formats. Digikey and Mouser often provide symbols in a universal format that can be translated into Eagle and other formats with a simple provided library manager program.




I watched the following EasyEDA tutorial and found that this package is not so good with footprint creation.
EasyEDA PCB layout tuorial

At 9:34, the orator places pads consecutively at 0.8mm distance from each other…..to do this, he has to insert 0.8, 1.6, 2.4…..etc etc into the Y coordinate….thats a faff!
In Eagle, all you have to do is set your grid to 0.8mm…then simply copy and paste pads at 0.8mm spacing.

Also, at 10:09 when he places the perpendicular pads of the multi pin chip, he has to do maths based on multiple datasheet dimensions. Simple mistakes can come into this. In Eagle, you dont do any maths or datasheet reading……all you have to do is find the geometric centre of the first two columns of pads. –This is easily done using 0.005mm construction lines ( which are not even available in easyEDA)….then copy and paste the first two pad rows, then rotate them 90degs, then place them on the same centre as the first rows of pads.

In EasyEDA you’re going to need separate excel spreadsheets showing footprint calculations…not so in Eagle.

Would you agree that EasyEDA appears inferior to eagle in these ways?
Does anyone know if EasyEDA can do multiple diff pair bus routing with length matching?


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Is there a tutorial that describes adding a new component with the current software? All the tutorials talk about using "schematic lib" and PCB lib" which no longer exist. I've got a symbol and a footprint but can't find anyway to join them.



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I was going to take a look at this for you. Glad you got it sorted out.

I know that if there's not a footprint associated with a symbol, when you create the board, it asks you to select the package (and the pin mapping if necessary), but I'm not sure how you permanently link them in the latest version of the software.

schmitt trigger

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As with any CAD package, perseverance and hard work is key to mastering it.

The key here is to find the spare time, but similar to learning a new language, the more you practice it becomes easier and easier.

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