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Eagle BOM - 3PCBS , 1 schematic

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I have one large schematic with 3 separate PCBs I need to have assembled.
What is the best approach to output a BOM for each PCB? 3.25" x 5.5" each.
EagleCAD 6.6.

If I de link the schematic and try to delete 2 of the PCBs I get rats nest errors as the boards have air wires between them.

I suppose I could join them up for a large PCB and panelize them using cutouts or v slots.
Then there is one large BOM.

mvs sarma

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Perhaps you can have a numbering system for the components like 1** , 2**, 3** for the sets of bom depending on the board where it resides.
then sorting from parts list could be easier.
This , i suppose is followed by many.


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Like Sarma said. R100 is for PCB1 and R200 is for PCB2 and R300 through R399 is for PCB3.
Then use Excel or Word (spreadsheet or word processor) to sort on different pages. Might have to use cut and past.
There is a power full programming language with in Eagle (SCR, ULP) but I don't know how.


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That's why you should never create one schematic for three PCBs. You should always have one schematic per PCB to keep documentation clean and comprehensive.


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At the time, PCB space was an issue, so by moving components around boards I could optimize the PCB real-estate. I had serious feature creep issues you see.
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