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DVD RW both Laser diodes are red!

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I scavenged the laser unit from an old DVD RW (benq 22x max). I read in internet that CD burner laser would be infrared hence invisible and DVD burner laser would be red. I soldered wires with both lasers (not removed from the unit) and powered (li-ion cell, 22 ohm R in series) to find the powerful DVD burning laser. But I found both lasers emitting red drawing similar current ( 70 to 80ma with different brightness).

I'm confused why both are red & which one is the DVD burning laser that I'm looking for!
What is the power rating of that Laser diode?
Can anyone pls advise me?
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Nigel Goodwin

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Well CD lasers are red - NOT invisible.

As far as I can recall DVD lasers are red as well?, just a different frequency of red.

BluRay player lasers are blue though, hence the name.


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it is the watts that are important,
also a focal point
also the material being burnt needs to have same absorption spectrum of laser color, thats why black balloons are mostly used..
also watts = volts x amps
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