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Dual-input 1 Watt Amplifier

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I am an engineering student who needs some assistance with a design project. Though it will probably seem very simple to whomever reads this, I would appreciate any and all feedback. I need to design an amplifier that is to operate from a single power supply and deliver 1-Watt to a 22 ohm load. The amplifier can accept 2 line(1volt peak) inputs either of which can drive the amplifier to full output. However, one of the inputs will be balanced and I should achieve a CMRR of at least 50 dB. I am allowed to used two 741 op-amps, 2 TIP power transistors along with an assortment of small signal transistors, resistors, and/or diodes. The output stage is to operate in class AB mode.
Can anyone assist me in developing a design or direct me to somewhere where I can find a basic design that I can learn from.
Thank you very much.
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