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Doesn't run without PicKit2

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I'm doing my first PIC project. I have a PicKit2 and have successfully programmed the PIC (P24HJ128GP202) and everything seems fine when running using the PicKit2 as a debugger. When I remove the PK2 and power the PIC from another 3.3 volt power supply, it doesn't seem to start (software doesn't do the same thing).

I've checked:

1) POR constants and configuration bits
2) power supply output (3.3 volts)
3) MCLR connections -- it's connected like the data sheet says to connect it (resistor to power, cap to ground)

Any ideas? Maybe this is a dumb question, but it has me stumped.




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maybe we should make a tutorial on how to:

1. Debug a PIC
2. Program a PIC
3. ReDebug (same as 1 just mention it)
4. ReProgram (same as 2 just mention it)

i have noticed a lot of people confusing the 1 and 2...
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The info is there if people care to look for it.

If my vote count for anything use your time to do new stuff.

I have been impressed by some of the tutorials done by the arduino people. Maybe pick a topic that is hard to find and write it up. Maybe how to connect a pic to a BLDC motor, like the ones in a hard drive.

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