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DIY electronic ignition - v8

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yikes - some serious spark happening there.. might have a look. Any idea what cars these came off? I can just about braze a butt weld on aluminium if I need to or just use some angle alu (just a benzomatic with rods) so I can fab up something if need be.. That looks pretty smart - and water/moisture proof.

Do you have a close up of the module as mounted on the distributor plate?

Guess my old regular coils wont wok with this right?


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The trigger coil came out of a Honda car distributor. The Bosch module from a Ford car, & would need to be mounted on a heat sink outside of the distributor. Electronic ignitions need that type of coil, not the old points type coil.


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This one is from a Subaru EJ22E engine. This module has 2 separate units built in to one module. Very handy if one fails. SUBARU.1.JPG SUBARU.2.JPG


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Im endeavoring on a little attempt to make my own electronic ignition.
I'm assuming your not planing to put this in a car to be regularly driven, correct? Just to see if you can do it?

You have seen and have proof that professionally engineered factory built aftermarket (Pertronix) ignitions can fail. So you want to make something that if you plan on driving/using the car won't be able to be repaired out in BFE? I'm assuming from you screen name you're working with a Pontiac, so what is wrong with using HEI? Replacement parts can be found almost anywhere in case of a breakdown. And reliability has been proven.

Not trying to be a downer, but a realist.
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hi shortbus - this is for a boat lol - not a car. I have a almost working pertronix unit and was initially enquiring about spark types etc.. Im not trying to build my own from scratch but trying to get a little bit of an idea on what makes these systems work.. If it stops working in the ocean I can always drop one of my other 2 dizzies in.. as posted seems people have managed to make these work with $10 worth of electronics - so i wouldnt mind attempting to fab the module with what I currently have..


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I installed the Allison XR-700 unit on a 65 Ford back in the 70's. I believe it's still available. See http://mgaguru.com/mgtech/ignition/ig207.htm I had it on a 6 cyl Ford and a 8 cyl -73 chevy. An original Adv: https://books.google.com/books?id=6...nepage&q=allison automotive ignitions&f=false

You could buy pick-ups and transfer from car to car. There system was optical. The Ford retrofit was cake compared to the Chevy,

The cable was passed out of the distributer opening without the connector. Then the connector pins were inserted.

My worst fear was having it die. I could not afford two. I was in high school or shortly thereafter.

The other problem I ran in to was the stock wires had to be upgraded.

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