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Diptrace tutorial videos that are "to the point"

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Does anyone know any good Diptrace tutorial videos?

I watched a few on youtube, but they are taking loads of time to explain things like what a PCB is aswell, and its just not very succinct.
Please tell if you know of good Diptrace tutorial videos.?

In one of them, the guy does a schematic of a led and resistor in series, and takes ages to explain how the resistor limits the current, as you can imagine, this isnt great in a diptrace tutorial.


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Diptrace has a tutorial in its downloaded package that describes how to use Diptrace. Not aware of actual vidieos. Diptrace is really easy to learn and use.


As MrDEB stated, the PDF, available online via their website, will give you a better tutorial and walk-through than videos.
With a printed manual, you will always be able to reference something while you have the DipTrace application running.
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