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Diode OF4455??

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Hello everybody!

I have a burnt diode on a car Bosch control unit. This diode has this reference on it:

OF4455 PEM0527 E7

I think it's a Philips TO-220 diode that is no longer manufractured. Does someone know if there's any other equivalent diode I could use?
Thank you in advance for your time and help.

Best regards


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Wonder why there is no datasheet exists for OF4455?

One of the cases where it was manufactured by Philips for a "customer"; in this case Bosch which kept it confidential.
And promptly discontinued ~2004 as no doubt there was a change in car Models.
However, the EOL (end of life) notice will shed some light;)

Look at page 11 of the following document. No specific description for items 206,207 but it is definitely a Schottky

I'd say a 5A or higher schottky in TO-220 should do the job.


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Thank you vtech for the reply!

Any idea about the rest of specifications? Voltage, amperage peak?

Thank you again!
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