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  1. V

    Value to simulate igbt and diode in ltspice from datasheet

    I have igbt and diode data sheet used for inverter and rectifier circuit design. i need simulate inverter in ltspice using the voltage controlled switch component. How obtain to these values from the igbt/diode data sheet datasheet is attached here Name Description Units Ron Resistance in...
  2. N

    Laser diode driver oscillating

    Hi, I came across a circuit which can be used to drive a laser diode in continuous mode (CW) or modulated (<=100Khz). A BFR540 (NPN) transistor is used to drive the laser diode and a photodiode (inside the laser diode package) provides an output current based on the optical output power, which...
  3. zemanekj

    I'm building a little circuit and need help with Diodes.

    My question is this - Can a diode still work if it has electricity coming in from both ends? For example if I have a diode, and connect a DC generators output to one end of the diode, and do the same for the other end as well what will happen?
  4. sr13579

    How to make a simple oscillator with transistor and Capacitor?

    I provided a circuit which should discharge at a specific time. But this circuit is not working as an oscillator. How should I make circuit which will give me oscillation?
  5. mading2018

    Power losses for half/full-diode-bridge ??

    Hello, I have some concern regarding an equation for calculating power losses for half - and full diode-bridge. Can someone please check if this equation is correct or not? See the attached image. " Fig. 1. Typical diode full-wave bridge. Full-wave diode bridges are found in many...
  6. ET200


    hi everybody i have problem with knowing this diode (in attached, D5). what kind of diodes? schottky? printed code in its body is j 8j i cant understand this.it used in power supply 110 v ac to DC(measured 150 v dc) for energize an air circuit breaker. this diode use inverse in output to damp...
  7. T

    Frequency of high voltage diode

    Hi I want to buy 2CL2FM . http://www.hvgtsemi.com/upfile/pdf/2012110817253555456.pdf Trr =100 ns I want to find out the real switching frequency of the diode. Can I apply it in the smps with 100 khz of switching frequency? Regards
  8. Clarkdale44

    Look at the schematic...

    What's the use of 5th diode in this schematic..(which is in parallel with cap)? This is a circuit to drive led from mains AC. Sorry if this question is too simple or obvious.. I just want to know what that diode's doing there.
  9. B

    Diode OF4455??

    Hello everybody! I have a burnt diode on a car Bosch control unit. This diode has this reference on it: OF4455 PEM0527 E7 I think it's a Philips TO-220 diode that is no longer manufractured. Does someone know if there's any other equivalent diode I could use? Thank you in advance for your...
  10. F

    Recommended diode for LNK304 PSU

    Hi, all! I want to build the circuit suggested on page 4 of LNK304 datasheet, but I can´t find any place to buy the 1N4005GP diode. Can anyone tell me if is it possible to use an equivalent diode? Thank you!
  11. Clarkdale44

    Diode with low voltage drop?

    Hello I need a diode with less voltage drop like 10SQ050 that is 50V 10A... But i need something that is rated at least 30A or 40A with 50V or more... Is there such a diode available? Also do any of you know what kind of diode is that in image below (in red circle)? Regards!!
  12. M

    Regeneration Power from Motors back to battery - blocked by DPDT switch - need Diode rating

    Hi, Ive tried to find what rating of power diode to wire in series with an emergency shut off button, I'm going to be using a DPDT as I have 2 batteries on 2 circuits - the 11 volt battery to the motors via a robo claw motor shield (2X30A) and a 7 volt battery for an Arduino and logic power on...
  13. A

    48 Volt Phantom Power Supply with Photo-Schematic. Transformer Question.

    Hey guys, This is my first post and I am happy to have found this website. I am currently working on a project using a PCB and jumper wires to make a 48v Phantom Power supply to be used with multiple condenser microphones. To make a long story short, I found a "mostly" detailed post on another...

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