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Dil 16 package old ic


Need to identify an ic (dil 16) on my very old ups. I bought that ups from a store for just a few euros xD. Now i plug in a battery on it but one ic is getting hot so i thought i must replace it.
This ic doesnt have any number on the top side but on the buttom side , “ MS104 PHILIPPINES” has been written by the component manufacturer. There in no more signed on it , just these letters and numbers.
For easy to identify i followed vcc and gnd pins on it. Vcc pin is 15th pin and gnd pin is 8th pin. Hope it means something.
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It could be ANY logic chip.. But my money is on a dual 555... Op amps are different power pins
Google 556 timer and check component locale...
556 is dip 14. On my case dip 16 needed


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Vcc pin 15, not pin 16? That makes it a rather strange configuration, but may give some clue as to what it is. However, I have no idea at this time...

schmitt trigger

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UPS? 16 pins? Vcc at pin 15?

The SG3525 is very popular, no, extremely popular in UPS circuits.

Download the data sheet and see whether the pinout corresponds with your board wiring.

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