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digital clock IC's - what's hot and what's not ?

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Hi all!

I didn't do anything in electronics for about 7 years, so I completely lost track what's hot and what's not.

About 10 years ago I built a digital clock with a MM5387. I still works perfect, but I wonder if the MM5387 is still produced (I didn't find it on the national.com site).

What are state of the art digital clock IC's ?

There is also the LM8562 ( http://www.elektro-obecnice.cz/data/pdf/LM/LM8562.pdf ) with multiplexed outputs, but I need one like the MM5387 with one pin per 7-seg. LED.

I already googled a lot, but have not found much useful stuff regarding this topic.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Best regards,
Hannes / Austria
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