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Digital clock/date/thermometer with thermostat with pic16f84a and ds1631

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Hi all,

It is the first time I write to this forum and I would like to share what
I've done lately.
It's about a digital clock/date/thermometer with thermostat I made based on pic16f84a microcontroller and ds1631 temperature sensor.
More informations about this you can find at my page

Digital Clock/Date/Thermometer with thermostat with PIC16F84A and DS1631
->there you have the schematics/code/how it works.. etc

Here it is how it looks like:
http://www.bogdi.ro/electronics/dig...ometer/gallery/clock_date_temp1 pic16f84a.JPG



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thank's its very nice projet
if u have projet with 16f84a for leds and with button control
iam watting for ur answer


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Digital clock/date/thermometer with pic16f628 and ds18s20

Hi again,

I build another digital clock date thermometer with PIC16F628 and DS18S20.

More information about this you can find at my page:
Digital Clock/Date/Thermometer with PIC16F628 and DS18S20
->there you have the schematics/code/how it works.. etc
I also simulated the circuit with Proteus if you would like to check it running.

The clock looks like this:
Any suggestions, feedback I'll appreciate.
Thanks, Bogdan
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