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diagram for a digital clock

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i need a project for a class, and i thought that a digital clock circuit would be easy, it has to be simple because i have other projects to make, so, can anyone help me with this?


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Me Too...

I'm a second year student with rather average strength, and I need a simple stand alone project for my class, currently I'm thinking of making a digital clock circuit would be simple

I Think I'm going to use the PIC16F84 for the Micro because I already have some experience on it, plus I have the programer and software for it too, so maybe the digital clock would consist on:

PIC16F84 MicroChip
RTC DS12C887 from Dallas would be nice

but I don't have much experience on Analog Electronics, so can anyone help me with this? :?:

and the programming might be better if it uses the PIC16F84 Assembly language, since the C would mean more money spent, and If u live in Indonesia, importing will be very costly, I have about 4 weeks to spent in the project, tommorow I will hand in my application for the project to my lecturer, I'm positive the people here can help me design this circuit and its software within 4 weeks.

for sofia, currently this is about all I know, hope this will help you too. :)

Thanks to u all, be waiting for ur replys


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More Spesific on this

Hi again, I'm anxious to wait for your posts

er, maybe a more spesific details on the digital clock, might uses 7 segment, or LED for binary output (see binary clock post) want to be as simple as possible. :D

the time format needed is only HH:MM
shows 12 or 24 hours? which might be simpler? :?:

will the RTC adjusts the clock automatically or will we have to adjust it? I want to make it as simple as possible so few keypads to adjust the time would be neccessary, especially if I want to change it to my time zone, in Indonesia.

Er.. Can someone please explain to me how the RTC works? thank you.


The real time clock (RTC) circuits I have used in the past do not automatically adjust the time (though I have used some GPS receivers that can do this ... they rarely work indoors). I usually use Dallas Semiconductor RTCs, they include their own battery backup and it is quite easy to access their registers to obtain the time, date, year, etc. If you used this, you would still need some way to set the time on the clock.
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