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Designing a simple DC Massage device

dr pepper

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Looks Ok, might work.
I'm not aware of arduino boards with hardware power switches.
That kinda thing commercially would be done with power saving techniques such as sleep mode, where the 'duino is still powered up but draws very little, making the battery last for pretty much its shelf life.
You'd still probably need a power switch for the motor though, as I'm guessing with no Pwm input and the motor stopped the motor electronics will still burn some juice.

dr pepper

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That would work, however you'd need some fairly complex signal processing to get the 'duino to read it.
I suggest one of these:
And it has a library available for the 'duino:
I've never used one so I odnt know how easy they are to use or how good they are.
Looks like it can read the ambient and target temp.
You could run the motor for a while, use the sensor to see where is the warmest then use that as your target area.

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