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Design assistance needed - Bluetooth controlled LED

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I am looking to build a Bluetooth controlled LED circuit.
There must be 4 separately addressable LED arrays each with driver to control current.
A battery, charger and protection circuit.
A sensor to measure distance from the LED's to the surface they are lighting up.
A sensor to measure the darkness of the lit up surface by measuring the reflected light and taking into consideration the distance.
Any assistance would be much appreciated.


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What micro are you looking to use to control all those functions ?

When you say bluetooth controlled leds, do you mean, micro to bluetooth to led, or mobile phones bluetooth to micro led controller ?

Perhaps posting a schematic of all those connected modules detailing the individual parts might help create a clearer picture.


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Thanks for the reply.
I mean mobile to bluetooth to micro to led.
I do not have a schematic.
I have some idea of what to do but have no idea how to put it all together. I have an arduino Mega ADK and a HC-06 bluetooth module. I also have a ultrasonic distance module and a photoresistor. Where does everything connect?


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With those parts suggest you look at using something like the free App Inventor, or one of the many other such platforms.

If you search Ytube you will find many Mobile/bluetooth/Arduino examples.

I would suggest you first look at setting up the Arduino to do PWM LEDs, you can use a simple 5mm led driven by the Arduino to do that ,adding you driver and high powered leds later.

Your sensors can again be set up separately and gives you chance to ajdust them as you need.

Again you can find all these as popular projects on the main Arduino forum and many other such websites and Ytube.

When you have everything working directly from the Arduino, then is the time to look at your bluetooth control.

If you are new to Arduino then start off with one of the many tutorials,eg
For what you want to do the humble Arduino Uno will probably be fine and you can pick up decent clones on ebay etc for £5.
Better to blow up a cheap clone while you are experimenting rather than an expensive Mega board.
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